This Book Changed Me Forever

Hi Enlightening Ones,

There are books that are good. Then there are books that are Great.

Then there are a few books, that once we read them,change our lives forever.

This is one of those books for me.

The book that has changed my life forever is:

Outwitting The Devil

By Napoleon Hill

(Affiliate link)

This book is far less famous than his other book Think and Grow Rich but Outwitting The Devil was only written a year after his first book was published.

It is Hill’s conversation with the Devil and how he gets the Devil to confess on how people can free themselves of him through their thoughts.

This book has opened my eyes to my own thoughts and my own fears.

I did not get caught up in the idea of whether the Devil was real or an imagination. I think that that point is mute.

It is the idea, for me to understand where my thoughts are leading me.

I found while reading the start of the Devil’s confession a bit hard as the Devil was saying how he catches people and how he has them forever.

I thought that I was trapped but in the same essence, knowing the tools, gave my Spirit some freedom.

This Book Changed My Life Forever

But by the end of the book, the Devil was revealing how anyone can get out of his grip.

This was so freeing, in SO MANY WAYS.

I have read many things about watching your thoughts, meditation and even the idea of Fear being a choice, but none of it became real for me until I read this book.

For me, it was like I was given an escape. If I knew what thoughts, that I made daily, trapped me and what liberated me, I can make a conscience choice to CHOOSE MY THOUGHTS!

In this book, it discusses how Parents, Schools and Religions are used to trap peoples minds, even when the people doing it are thinking that they are liberating people.

It talks about how this will work against Hill. That how Schools, Religious Institutions and even Parents will come against Hill and ruin him.

It was as foretold.

The reason this book is not well known, is that is wasn’t published for 73 years.

Hill’s wife, Annie Lou Norman was afraid of the backlash from Religions and the Education system, that she made Hill promise that he wouldn’t publish it.

After her death, he passed the book on his Nephew, only for his wife to promise him not to publish it either until after her death.

History repeated itself.

It was only after her death, that he passed it onto a woman named Sharon Lechter who was blown away by this book. And in 2011, finally published the book Outwitting The Devil(affiliate link)

This book shows how much you have the control over your life. It also shows that if you do not control your thoughts and therefore your life, that it will be controlled for you.

Through this, I was able to see where I was letting my thoughts control me and now I am aware of myself.

I say NO to anything that I didn’t put in there, that doesn’t uplift or help me or others.

This is now a book that I will spread. This is a book that everyone should read, then make their choice on their own life.

I choose to be in control of my life through my thoughts.

What’s your choice?

Beccie xx


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