To My Dearest Love,


17 years ago a desire burned strong within a young girl. She KNEW that the promises that she had seen were hers for the taking. She KNEW that she was meant for more. She KNEW that although she didn’t see these promises being fulfilled in those around me, they were hers regardless. This was so strong within her. Every fibre of her soul was screaming this. These gifts were no ARE hers NOW!

She held these feeling tight. They spread throughout her veins. These KNOWINGS come out into the Universe and could not be quenched.

God looked and knew that this one was unstoppable. That this girl was not going to let these promises fall by the wayside. She had taken hold of them and would never let them go. There was only one thing to do.

Only a short distance away, there was a boy who too KNEW that these promises were his. He too KNEW that he was destined for more, that he was different. That the fire that burned within him was not shared by those around him.

He was searching for one like him, desperate to find that Spirit that soothed yet inflamed his own. That Spirit that he knew was out there. He could feel them calling, drawing ever closer…..but where?

The girl could feel it too. She had dreams of their meeting, feeling the fire burn bright. Feeling their Spirits unite and it inflame. Their Spirits already knew each other, they were already talking, conversing, slowly bring their beings together.

Then one day, they could be kept apart no longer. He saw her and his Spirit leapt. Of all his searching, trying to find that one who he was calling, he was now looking at her. He knew, if not fully outwardly but inwardly that this is who he has been calling, who his Soul has been conversing with.

On this day, the girl saw him. She remembers his bright smile watching her. She felt it within her but questioned herself. Her Soul knew though. Her Soul had pulled her here, to this spot at this time to meet, in person her Soul’s companion. She left feeling different but not sure why.

A little bit later, they formally met in a line waiting for bread. Her Soul KNEW that he was for her. It pulled at her even as she ran away, it pulled hard. All her desire and longing, all her calling, all her tearful pleading was answered in this one beautiful face.  He was for her.

He KNEW it too. He felt it from the first moment and that feeling had only grown. Now that he was talking to her, he KNEW that she was the answer to his Heart. She was the one to soothe his pain. She was the one that inflamed his passion. She was the one that hos SOUL was calling. His heart pounded.

They barely spoke again for 2 weeks, both outwardly questioning their inner feelings. Their minds going through the dreaded ‘what if’s’.

The girl had to leave, but without knowing why she had to find him once more. She wanted to see his face to feel whether it was in her Heart or not. She searched the grounds, desperate for that last encounter but he was nowhere to be found. Her Heart sunk. Would she feel differently if she saw him again? Was this all real? She left sad yet knowing something was truly different within her.

He had to leave also and wanted to see her one last time. To see if these feeling are in his Heart. He thought that he had these feelings before yet these ones were different. He had to be sure. He searched the grounds for her, desperate to see her, speak to her before he left only to find that she had already gone.

His Heart sunk. Was this all in his head? Did she even feel as he did? Why was this feeling so strong? What is it I am feeling?

They both went home heavy, knowing that they had felt something new.

The feelings they had before refused to let go. Their Souls grew louder! It didn’t let up.

His face never left her mind. The feeling she got from him stayed with her. It was as though she could feel him constantly.

Her face never left him. He HAD to see her again. He HAD to know what it was about her, this feeling she gave him.

He traveled down to where she lived and would see her every so often. She didn’t notice that he was there but he watched her. Always feeling this feeling when he saw her. There was something in her eyes, something in her smile that spoke to him. He watched her knowing that they must meet again.

One day, the girl saw him. Her Heart leapt through the roof. She had dreamed of meeting him in the shops or just down the street but he was right here. She nearly cried with excitement. Her Soul would not stop jumping.

After many a day they finally met properly. They talked into the night. She felt as though her Soul was at rest with him, as though Yah had given her all her answers in this one face. She loved to be near him.

She made his Heart jump. She soothed every part of him. All his sadness, anger and rage disappeared when she was with him. She really did soothe his Soul.

They dated for a while. They were very different from the average couple. Their Souls connection rang out to everyone. All could see that they had been calling for each other and once together where strongly bound.

This upset many. They did everything in their power to break apart this union. It was the impossible made possible. Two hearts that had called and talked over distance, being brought together to form a perfect union was only in fairy tales. ‘IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!’ they said.

Yet they did not know the power of these two desires. They had called each other from childhood. Their Souls had spoken for the longest time. The Universe could not pull their desire apart because it was the strongest force which the Universe put together. People’s fear could never keep these two apart. It was their destiny to be bound together.

They ran away and were wed. They were at peace. No one could pull them apart now, they were connected. Their Souls were perfectly content. Their Love had triumphed over everything and now they were free. They were in their own fairytale.


Life, then started spiraling around them. They got caught up in the things going on, that they weren’t listening to their Souls as much. They headed down a worldly rabbit hole into hard labour, no money and work. The magick around them seemed to disappear.

When they would just be together, everything was perfect. The world was peaceful, their Souls rejoiced and everything was wonderful.

Yet when they went out there, their minds were so bombarded with everything, that peace disappeared. What was happening?

Their Souls started screaming to them, desperate for them to listen but they could not hear. They were listening to too many things. They took on so much that their Spirit used the only way it knew of left to get them to hear – sickness. It made the man sick and made him stop.

This worked….sort of. The man did slow down but still believed in a hard-working life. He still belived in HIM needing to provide everything and not allowing his Spirit to do that.

The woman too believed in hard work. Although within her somewhere, she fought against it, she believed if she didn’t, that her life would be in ruins.

They both forgot that their Souls had been connected even before they met. They forgot that they didn’t work for that. It wasn’t them who brought them together but their Souls longing for each other. They just went with the flow.

Yet surely this was not possible with everything – was it? Was it possible that our Souls would guide us to all that we desired?

The mans sickness grew, so they moved to a new place. A place that they could slow down. A place that was quiet so they could better listen to their Souls. It was perfect!

They found peace and stillness and got more and more answers. They started to hear that small voice again, guiding them here and there. It was good.

The mans illness abated and all was good.

Then the old beliefs started to creep back in. They were working so hard, desperate to make a better life for themselves. It taught them lots but mostly it just drowned out that small voice that was guiding them.

When they were together, everything was perfect. They wanted to keep that in everything but didn’t know how. Then it hit!

It was as though the womans Soul was stripped of everything. As though all her life was in black and white. She had no colour and her love become muted. She didn’t know who she was.

She begged her Soul to return its colour, its Love and its Life but it didn’t return. She felt like she had no heart anymore. Why was this happening?

What she didn’t understand was just as the man’s Soul had given him sickness to make him hear, she needed her own ideas to cease. It was her time to listen to her voice who was desperately crying out to her.

She knew as a young girl that she was destined for more, yet the life that she was living was not that. This led her on a search for what SHE wanted. For a year she remained in this black and white, unfeeling place. It took her a while to search herself, to finally listen to the voice.

Just when she had given up on feeling herself again, her Soul used the man to once again answer her desire.  It was his words that started the colour to come back into her life. It was his words, in that moment that started her feeling better. Her Soul started bouncing once more.

Although the road seemed long, the man and the woman seemed to reconnect. They were never disconnected but it felt like this to her. So feeling connected was wonderful.

It took another 2.5 years for the colour to fully be restored to the woman but that 2.5 years, taught her so much.

They left their life as they knew it and took up a life on the ocean. It was the sea that really brought them the peace that they longed for so long. They sea brought them the quietness. The sea brought them their stillness.

It was on the sea that the colour came back fully. Yet when it returned there was even more than there had ever been before. The woman was dazzled with the things that she now saw that she had missed before. There was beauty everywhere!

Being on the sea also brought back their togetherness. They were once again at peace with themselves and the world around them is too. They could now listen and see the world opening to them. They had found the freedom they had longed for since they were children.

16 years has passed since the day that they were wedded. In those years they have had many a lesson. They have done as others did,  they have tried to fit in with those around them. They have looked for friends in those that don’t understand and they have withdrawn to protect themselves. Yet in all that time, there are things that are the same, things that are now drawing them forward so fast now.

That us that they are not like the others. They are different, they always have been. They KNOW within them that the promises they saw as children are just as much theirs today as they were then. They KNOW that unlike others, they don’t need to work themselves to the bone to get ahead, that they are promised success. They are the Kings and Queens.

In this new realizations, they are relishing in their uniqueness. They will never fit in but that is perfect. This is not who they are. They are meant for the extraordinary, for the unusual, for the out of the box.

They are here not to fit in but to lead. To lead others to see their full potential. To lead others to embrace their true selves. These two ARE THE LEADERS! They KNEW this as children and they are just discovering again now. They are here to help others rise out of the normal into the magickal.

They are pure Magick!

The other way that you recognize these two is because of their family. These two people, destined to be together, having a Love that surpassed anything seen on this Earth right now, the Leaders of the new world of extraordinary are bringing in the magickal too.

There has been 11 others that have decided to come through this union. 11 Souls that knew that this couple were the step forward, this couple has a lot to teach. These Souls also knew that this couple needed help. They needed an expanding Love and they needed to learn from the younger ones.


So 11 Souls have come through this couple giving them Love, Joy, Understanding and Enriching their lives all the more. This family is this worlds fairytale.

The thing that I love most about this story is that it is mine. I am the girl, the woman who is married to my Soul’s companion. I am the woman who has such Love in her life that it is beyond explanation. I am the woman who has seen the world from so many angles and has realized who she is. I am this woman who 11 Souls have come through her to teach her and grow her.

I am the woman so much in Love with her life, it is intoxicating.

And you are my man who is my Magick companion.

Thank you for our life. I am looking forward to so much more with you.



Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Renowned Artist, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


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