My new drawing ability

My first ever painting of a wave

Hi Enlightening Ones,

Last night I was listening to some Abraham. It was one of those things that did not leave me alone all day.

We (my Hubby and I) needed to look up a few clips on a sailing project that we are doing, yet this video kept following me everywhere. It was a video I did not have any desire to watch, just a ‘ one day I will watch something like that’. Then it was like a mosquito that just would not leave. I gave in by late afternoon.

As I did not really want to listen to it as it was 3 hours long, I had it turned down and was listening softly in the background. After about 30 minutes something extraordinary happened.

I had the inspiration to draw.

Now one of two things have happened recently with my drawing:

  1. Either my drawing ability has improved or
  2. I am not being so hard on myself, so I like my drawing more

Maybe it is both.

With my inspiration, I started to draw what came to me.

I heard a bit about trains in the direction of what you want and trains against. This image then entered my mind.20171014_212136

Then I heard something that hit me straight at me where I am. Abraham said about the tale we tease each other with “if a tree falls in the forest and there is noone there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Abraham said that the answer was “No”! I think my brain swore a little right then in shock.

My interpretation has always been that sound exists whether it is heard or not……Apparently I was wrong.

Abraham said that all sound is vibration and that we are the interpreters of that vibration, by our ears and brain, into sound. Without an interpreter, the vibration of the tree falling, stays in vibrational form never to be interpreted.

As my desire is to be that interpreter of non-physical, this hit me strong. Without my interpretation, the inspiration that comes to me could either fade into nothing, never to be interpreted or it will move to someone else ready to interpret.

I WANT to be that interpreter. That is my strongesr, most vervent desire. I am not letting it pass…ever.

At this point, I paused the video to take in what I had heard. When another drawing came into being. I just drew what I felt inspired to draw.20171014_212123

After a while, I turned it back on and on come the contrast and sorting and this came very strongly.20171014_215102

Then it went on to the Inner Being. It was about alignment with your Inner Being and this is what came then.20171014_212152


I am enjoying my new words to drawing. I am excited to see where this new path takes me.

Love, Light and Alignment to you all.


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


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