My Upstream / Downstream Game


Hi Enlightening Ones,

I have been listening lately to the upstream / downstream message from Abraham – Hicks.  It has really changed my view on things.

I had heard this before, but now I am in the place to actually hear it and take it to myself.

It reminded me on a game that we used to play.  It was a computer game where we had to use our bodies to move our characters.

There was one game where we were on a fast-moving river in a kayak. We would move down river and as we did, we would just need to move to the left or right to pick up fruit or gold or whatever we could.

I take that now as my going down river.  I need to stop trying to paddle against the flow and just let go – just let the river take me to all that I desire.

I KNOW that down river is everything that I desire, all the gold, all the treasures or fruit or travel or our family catamaran to sail the oceans in – in my case.

Never once in this game, did you turn your kayak around and try to paddle against the flow.  Even if you missed a coin and tried to go back, you were just pushed further down river regardless.  

The problem with trying to get something that you had already missed, would cause you to miss other things on the river as well. If my focus was on the gold coins that I just didn’t get, I would miss a whole bunch more in my lack of focus on where I was at that moment.

Yet if I let go on what I had passed and focused on what was before me, I would gain so much more.

I find myself during my day trying to paddle against the current, especially with somethings that I have a lot of momentum. These are things that I have carried on from my childhood, beliefs that I have held that I no longer hold.

And even though I no longer hold these beliefs, the momentum that comes with them is taken longer to release.  

I KNOW that I am letting go of them. I KNOW this because when I notice that I am doing them, I do not get angry with myself, I just tell myself “YOU DIDN’T KNOW! THEY ARE JUST OLD BELIEFS. YOU ARE EXPANDING AND GROWING INTO THE REAL YOU! YOU HAVE THE LOVE OF THE UNIVERSE WITH YOU. WE LOVE YOU.”

In this, I let go of my oars and picture my kayak turn and float down river.  I KNOW that I will be led to gold coins on my river that a just have to move over and get.  If I miss some, I KNOW there are plenty more waiting just down there.  

I KNOW that I do not have to work to get these things, they are already waiting.  I just need to let go and allow myself to float.  These things would come into view at the right time.  I am enjoying the ride.  It is fun!

There maybe a few rapids along the way. Maybe a crocodile or two that I need to bash on the head with my paddle. Yet they are there for my growth, for my extra expansion.  As I hit a few crocodiles with my paddles, I come out the other side bigger and better than before.

I am In Love with my life.

I am In Love with you in this world to help with the expansion of ALL THAT IS!

I love you all.


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


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