Hearing Vibrational Cheers


Hi Enlightening Ones,

Today is an AWESOME day!

I have come to realize either by listening to Abraham Hicks or listening to my Inner Being, that I HAVE the communication with the non-physical.

I was listening to guided meditation every morning but the last couple of mornings, I have wanted to just sit in the quiet and breathe.

I have felt my connection more and more and some old beliefs have fallen away. I feel my heart pumping with joy and abounding with laughter. Yesterday I heard vibrational cheers and applauding.

I know that sounds weird to say ‘I heard’ vibrational cheers but it is only way to say it. Yes, I felt it and maybe I felt it so strong that, to me it sounded like sound. Regardless, it was incredible!

I felt surrounded by Love and Appreciation. It was as though I was flying.

Sometimes I question myself. My brain gets in the way. Yet I KNOW my desire and I KNOW that it already IS MY REALITY. I enjoy focusing on that with the KNOWING that it is coming towards me at an unbelievable rate.

I KNOW that I can reach out and touch it. I KNOW that it is mine. I KNOW that as I focus myself, I will see it in my tangible experience but it is past tense by that stage.


I am in Love with this as I am with all of you.

All your desires are already here and we enjoy that realization with you.


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle


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