My Revelation


Hi Enlightening Ones,

I have learned a lot this week about my path and my Inner Being.

A few days ago, I mentioned in my blog how being conscious of my thought and my emotions relating to those thought tells me where I am in relation to my Inner Being. And that just mentally turning around a walk toward my Inner Being while being conscious of my emotions was so easy.

Then yesterday I did the same thing and as I turned around to walk back toward my Soul, it felt as though I was on a treadmill. I was walking, then running and I didn’t feel like I was moving.

I then got angry with myself. This was easy the other night but now I am not moving – why?

I hadn’t done any meditation in a couple of days, so this morning I sat for 30 minutes and listened to some guided meditation. I was perfect.

I forget sometimes how beneficial meditation is to me. It is so clearing and relaxing. It puts me in a great mood for the whole day.meditation_quote

This morning I listened to a different one. It was another by Abraham Hicks about what ‘I KNOW.’

I DO KNOW that I create my own reality. I DO KNOW I am a vibrational being. I DO KNOW that whatever I put out, I get back 100% of the time. This was all great.

But the bit that really hit home was that I do not need to beat myself up over being away from my Inner Being. That when I feel it hard to get back, that is just a sign of what I have being releasing.

It is my sign to look more at my Inner Being or Soul and concentrate on those emotions.

Being “stuck” in a train of thought is not bad, it just tells me what I am releasing from me. I can change this but I know where I am.

This change may not come quickly, sometimes it will not be easy other times it will. I DO KNOW that if I focus on my Inner Being and listen to my emotions, I will be guided back to where I am meant to be.

The thing that I also took from this is to BLESS even the hard times. Because I KNOW that these times are a manifestation of what I am concentrating on.

These things that I do not want are just the Universal laws doing what it does without fail. It brings me unwanted things when my thoughts are away from my Inner Being and wanted things when I am closer to it.

My life, either good or bad is bringing me what I am giving out. Not in word but in thought and feeling. It is never off – NEVER!

I Love that this Universe is always working with me, always on my side. It never fails to give me what I give it. No one else is to blame for my life, no one outside of me is at fault for my feelings or my life. This beautiful Universe gives me everything I ask for – IN FULL!

Knowing this gives me a new security in myself. Understanding that I have such control over myself makes me more at ease…..with me.create-space

Today I feel relaxed in my creative power and a new-found amazement in how POWERFUL I really am. I am loving this feeling of joy that has swept over me.

I REVEL in the fact that I know what is coming towards me. I THRIVE in the knowing that my life is going to improve so rapidly from this point on. I am ECSTATIC at the realization that I have full control over me and I am at PEACE knowing my Inner Being is guiding me at all times.

I wish that all people feel these too. I ask that all humanity feel as good as I feel right now. I would LOVE that very much.

All my Love, Peace and Wellness to everyone.




Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle  


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