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Hi Enlightening Ones ,

Last post I discussed how this life is all a game. I also got you to imagine a game map, one that you had probably seen before. Got it? Good

I said that on your game map, way off to the right is a lake of lava, if you were to move forward there would be a castle, to the left is a forest with a golden path leading through it and you can look back but not move back.

There are ones of us who concentrate on the lava and subsequently move towards it. But how many of us are always looking back?

We are standing at this intersection with lava to the right, castle in front and forest with golden path to the left and we are looking backwards.

We are looking at our past, our previous missions. We have come through them maybe with only half a life point left but through nonetheless. This is the time we find heart points everywhere and strength points and maybe some hidden treasure or path.

But if we keep looking back, we don’t find all the extra heart points we need to recover. We keep going through life having this thing or experience rule us.

That is not to say that these things weren’t Horrible but if we dwell on the horror, we don’t find the treasures inside them.

Sometimes the bad guys we encounter on our adventure are BAD. Sometimes we feel that nothing but a shell has come out the other end but SO MUCH MORE HAS EMERGED!

You are a Phoenix! You arise from the ashes and become a beautiful, powerful being. This is Truth.

If we stand at this crossroads with half a heart point, looking back at the pain and the horror – we are moved in whatever way others want to move us. We loose control. Like the controls are stuck. We miss the wonder of what’s in front of us, we miss the treasures that are everywhere. We miss the people that will raise our heart points and the strength points that lay right there. We don’t live, we exist.

Every person, whether good or bad, strengthens us and gives us the opportunity to raise ourselves higher. Every person no matter their intention always gives us a choice. And whatever path you choose, there will be something that you learn about yourself.

So with me together, let us turn our avatar around. Let us face it in the direction that we want to go and let us start focusing on that. We have arisen from the ashes WHOLE

You are a Phoenix and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!.

Let’s Play!


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Travelling Sailor, the Best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the Planet, a Millionaire, a Polyglot and an Oracle



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