Enough Smallness


Hi Enlightening Ones,


I pride myself in being a very positive person. So positive that it gets on peoples nerves. That’s great ! I don’t mind that at all.

But I am sick of playing small!

There are people I have known that are set on this Smallness. They are the ones complaining ‘Life is hard. Shit happens to me all the time. They said this, they didn’t say that. I was walked all over.’ Bitch, bitch, bitch.

I WILL NOT stand for that anymore!

Yes stuff can happen but if that’s what I dwell on, that’s what I get. If I’m going to dwell on the shit, that’s all that going to keep coming at me.

Life is more than This Sucks and is Hard, it is meant to be a game! OK even I sometimes swear at myself when I tell myself this is a game – but it is the Truth!

This Game is like playing any other adventure game – there are times of ease, times of difficulty and times of risking it all and jumping into a new stage. We are all just players.

Beccie’s Gatekeeper Mind: Hey but in a game, if I die than I just start over. Not like life!

The way out thing is that that is what happens to most of us – we start over. New Game!

I know but quantum physics is revealing a bunch of this stuff all the time. Check it out! And for anyone who believes in Karma – that is not necessarily punishment for your actions in this lifetime, it is having to start it all again. New circumstances, new challenges and new beginning to find who you are.

That what this life is about, finding who we are, our purpose for being here and to get past the bad guy at the end – the Karma. Then you go up a level.

You are Consciousness first. In a human Body second. Here on this amazing planet who physically keeps us alive third. To learn to raise ourselves higher and in doing that, we raise the consciousness of the Whole World. Isn’t that Magical!

We are gamers – all of us.

Let’s stop bitching about the game, how hard it is, how the other players are mean and it’s scary and lets start seeing it as a game. One we are in conrtol of. This is our avatar and we can move it into any place we desire – it is our virtual reality.

Think of your character, this is you. Now in this game there are no hand controls, you contol it by thought. Seriously this technology is out there now yet it is only mimicking our own lives.

Now with your avatar that is contolled by thought, think of a game map, one that you may of seen before. Got it? Good

On your game map way off to the right is a lake of lava, if you were to move forward there would be a castle, to the left is a forest with a golden path leading through it and you can look back but not move back.

Remember you only move with thoughts. So what do you think would happen if you kept thinking about not falling into the lava? ‘I don’t want to go anywhere near that lake. I am scared of the lake. That lava is really hot. Please don’t fall in there.’ Your thoughts direct you. Regardless of how much your thinking about how you don’t want to go to that lake of lave, you find yourself moving closer and closer towards it. And if you were to fall in guess what – game over and new game begins.

We can control this avatar in which ever way we choose by our focus. If we focus on what we dont want, it is still focus on it. We need to change our thinking.

Let’s start focusing on what we DO want. Does that mean that they will all come at once, no. But we will mover closer and closer to it.

It may mean that you meet a few bad guys on your travels but once you have past them you gain strength points and health. Maybe we can even pick up a hidden spell or two or maybe find some treasure or a secret passage. Whatever it is we will be better for it and closer to our goal.

So Gamers let’s play this game! Let’s make it our best Game and when we get to the final hurdle, let’s know that the next level awaits with even more excitement.

GAME ON Enlightening Ones. This is going to be fun!



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