It didn’t Feel right


Hi Enlightening Ones

Last night I posted a blog post and something in it didn’t feel right.

I talked about how I had seen the word atlas and thought of Atlas then his Star Mate.

The name that came to mind wasn’t Pleione, it was another name starting with M. I kept calling her Metrope – that was clearly wrong.

When I looked up her name and found that Atlas’ Star Mate was Pleione, I thought I must have been wrong. But if felt wrong.

As I lay in bed last night, talking to the Universe – telepathically of course, there’s no need to wake Hubby with my incessantĀ ramblings – I do that enough during the day.

I was talking about it and when I mentioned Metrope I had a fuzzy tingle come right over and through me. It clearly wasn’t Pleione after all it was Merope – HA! I now know her name.

Merope was also a lover of Magick and Unconditional Love – I look forward to this connection.

I needed to be true to myself and correct this.

Thank you Enlightening Ones

With Love Always




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