Brain – Critical Overload



Hi Enlightening Ones,

I am taking a break! Not from posting to you all but from learning.

LEARNING – You cant take a break from learning? And you’re right.

But I am drained!

I have signed up for so many spiritual improvement courses and done master classes.

I’ve listened to hypnosis for
kundalini activation
astral projection
law of attraction
master meditation
breathing yoda meditation……..HA HA HA! See so tired.
I mean Yoga meditation
positive you
and a bunch of others including bonding with tenns, kids, toddlers and newborns and some sex ones too hehe.

I have done shaking meditation. I signed up for lightworkers info, books, audios, mind training, removing limiting beliefs and probably a tonne more I can not remember.

I am tired. My brain is scrambled. I don’t want to pickup another book. I don’t want to listen to any audio at all. I don’t even want to look at my FB page but I do at least once.

The last couple of days, I have just been going to bed, getting up and thanking the world for the day, sitting in the morning sun, then getting on with the day.

No books, no web searching, no anything. I just need Peace.

My brain needs a break, I need to digest all the info – that seems like work right now.

I rest!

Yet since stopping I have had very inspirational moments. I read a post about being a witch just before this and that just turned on something within me and it is fun.

I am embracing this by talking to the world as the living, breathing, beautiful thing that she is. I have howled at the moon – THAT FEELS AMAZING! I have picked up my lightworker oracle cards without inspiration and only looking at the back, asked my heart to give me a clear feeling on which card is mine – that was ASTOUNDING!

I have had a greater desire to learn mor about Magick – not illusions but true stuff, find it out, feel it, be it – it makes me tingle just thinking about it.

I came out the other night to feed the little one – it was about 1.30am and I had been having a brilliant sleep. I felt great. As I was feeding I turned to see a word almost jump out at me – Atlas. Yes it was off an atlas but it was how I felt.

I have been asking about my guides, my connection to all, to other realms. I have read about other dimensions, other worlds, other life and I want to connect.

I have read the book Atlantis by Stephen Shaw and in that Atlas was a Being from elsewhere. He was gentle and a great leader. When I saw his name the other night it was good but I was unsure. Was he my guide? Then his Star-Mate that come to mind – I could not think of her name (it is Pleione) but I knew that she was a master of magick. I thought maybe that was for me. I am a little annoyed that I questioned Atlas – wouldn’t it be cool to talk with a Star Being, a leader.

I went to find out more about Atlas but I just can’t. I don’t want to read anything about anyone right now.

Then this morning I went to pick a card and this really strong sensation ran through my heart when I got to a card. I put it aside but didn’t look at it until I had my 3 cards. I picked up the 3 still not looking at them and this same card was super strong, so I turned it.20170613_222345

I had never had this card before but it told me that an answer had been given through telepathy but I may have mistaken it as my own thought……….Atlas?

Then I thought that telepathy sounded like anothers voice not my own. If it sounds like my own voice inside my head, how do I know that some of the weird thoughts that I have sometimes are mine? Those times where I think something, then think ‘where the hell did that come from’, could they be someone elses? COME ON! If I can here peoples thoughts at least made them sound like them! IT IS JUST COURTEOUS!

I do loving yelling in capitals – it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER! 😂

Well enough for this session, my hour is up…LOL.

I can barely think straight, not that I do that often anyway.

I look forward to continuing my break and I wish all you restful minds and a fun filled day.

Thank you Enlightening Ones



Beccie is a Best Selling Author , a World Travelling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the most Amazing Children on the Planet a Millionaire a Polyglot and an Oracle


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