What is Normal?

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Alana Fairchild Lightworkers Oracle Card No. 2: Second Ray of Wisdom

“Quiet the Mind and the Soul will speak.” Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati


Hi Enlightening Ones,

This blog is about my self discovery, the finding of the ‘I’ inside of this body.

This Amazing journey that I have read that others have gone through, the full realization to why I am here, how I can help not only myself but humanity as a whole. This Enlightened Journey.

I was brought up in a very religious household with very religiously dedicated parents. I grew up believing that the people in charge were Jesus incarnate – which they weren’t. Just another cult that I would have almost jumped of a bridge for.  This new way of looking at life is such growth for me.

Maybe that is why this post in so chaotic – it’s breaking old paradigms

Chaos Theory – that there is structure in what appears apparent chaos. ME!

So let the Chaos ensue:

I read the book I AM by Stephen Shaw – Brilliant book. It briefly mentioned the feeling of Steve going crazy but not in any detail.

I feel sometimes that I am going completely INSANE! Did Shaw feel like that? Is this part of the journey?

Is it normal to feel my heart ache, to feel like my very being is crying and not knowing why?

I need clear insight, clear answers to what is going on, why and where I am heading. The occasional physical guide would be helpful – Jay from the book I AM will do great! I wonder if everyone that reads that book says that…..LOL!

I am looking for physical guidance………. Remember Bec this is a SPIRITUAL journey, and you’re looking for the physical – kind of backwards isn’t it?

I know that when I concentrate, I feel tingling in the top of my head, I feel presence around me. I feel things there. I just haven’t tapped into the guidance yet.

I know that when I sleep, that there is information given. I know this because I awake with a sense of peace knowing that my soul has been spoken too. I remember none of it, I wish I did.

I feel now as though the animals and I are connected. That there is a language that I can feel but not hear…..yet. WHAT THE FRAGGLE ROCK IS GOING ON!

Maybe I feel these things because I have stepped away from ordinary life. That many a day, I can hear the sounds of the waves breaking on shore not to far away. That I sit in the sun and watch the birds fly by. I watch the children playing on the beach with their parents, the fish pop up to the surface of the water looking for food and the dolphins that greet us as we drop anchor.

I am able to FEEL. To actually FEEL what I am feeling. Previously I was so caught up in the day that I never took time to FEEL, I just did. Now I enjoy FEELING even if I don’t understand what I am feeling.

I know that this blog is everywhere, that I am not making much sense of anything but these are my own thoughts, my own adventure and my own weirdness. I’m sure it will make more sense soon.


Thank you for listening to my crazed mind. Please let me know if you can make more sense of it than me.

You are all Spectacular!


Beccie is a Best Selling Author, a World Traveling Sailor, an Awesome Wife and the Best Mum to the 10 most Amazing children on the Planet, an Oracle, a Healer and whatever else the Universe shows are my gifts



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