This is Me


Hi Enlightening Ones,

My name is Beccie. Yep this is me.cropped-20170209_134823.jpg

I am a Mum of 10 children, a wife to an Awesome man and we all live on a boat. This just proves that I’m a little nutty.

I have been searching for the Truth that resonated with me since 2002. This is when I had left the church I grew up in.

I had got little progress until a couple of years ago when my whole beliefs took a nose dive. I started questioning everything I was previously taught, everything I still believed.

This opened the doorways for my Truth to start unfolding.It has been up and down but always forward.

Since moving onto the boat, my Truth has come thick and fast. I think it is the connection with nature and loving where I am.

So I am going to write blogs on my Odyssey. These adventures will be personal to me and help me grow Spiritually but I want you to share in my Journey.

I am going to write a phrase that strengthens me and uplifts me, something to say aloud. These words Fill Me With Joy. Please Join in:

My InvocationI call on all those Beings that belong to the Divine Light and Divine Love, to shower me with your Blessings now. Through Unconditional Love reveal my Truth to me. I decree to always be Loving to myself, to Respect myself for the Wonderous vessel that I Am. I open my Heart to you now and I am Overwhelmingly Grateful for the Blessings I am about to receive. AmĂȘn

Love you all



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